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Mailsi is a city in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is located at 2948'1N 7210'33E at an altitude of 126m (416 ft).

It was a tehsil prior to Vehari, which was originally a sub-tehsil of mailsi. Vehari later became a tehsil and then a district. Top quality producing land is till now not much devaloped and education here is not focussed due to rule the unawared and uneducated public. But now as media in whole world giving result as public awareness, here too people of Mailsi feeling change in life and thinking. Mailsi is a beautiful place for living and famous for Jhandhir's Liberary and Satluj's Syphon.

Mailsi is a Tehsil Headquartes of the City and One of the Tehsil/admistrative area of District Vehari.This city is non industrial and un urbanised.There is no any regular urban area or modern colony.The area all aronud the city is agricultural and is famous for cotton production.This area has many feudal lords.These feudal lords have latest and modern vehicles but poor population travel by Ricshaws because lack of intercity transport system.There is one boys degree college and one college for women as well.
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