Bashkar Gol Lake - Bashkar Gol Lake Trekking Information

Bashkargol lake is a true hidden gem of Chitral region of Khyber Pakhtun Khwa. It is one of the biggest lakes of northern areas of Pakistan. Bashkargol is located in Sor Laspur, Chitral. It is a 24km long trek to lake. Though the trek is very dry and tough but it is worth hiking it.

Best time to do Bashkargol lake trek is from June to September. One must be physically super fit to do this trek in 2 days (1 day for ascend and 1 day for descend). If you plan to reach the lake in single day then make sure to start the trek as early as possible 24km distance uphill is a big number.

Make sure to keep plenty of clean water with you because there is only 1 clean water stream which comes in your way. Also best to arrange a guide in advance because not many will be willing to take you to Bashkargol lake as they are not used to it. There are some tour companies in Harchin which provide guiding and touring services for Bashkargol lake.

Bashkargol lake can also be approached from Kumrat or Swat side but one has to cross high mountain passes to reach Bashkargol lake. For example from Kumrat valley you can hike beyond Do Janga and cross Thalo pass to reach Bashkargol lake. It takes 4 days of trekking from Kumrat to Bashkargol lake.

Bashkargol lake Sor Laspur Chitral - Bashkar Gol Lake Trekking Information
Bashkargol lake, Sor Laspur, Chitral
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