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Gujrat is a city in the Punjab Province of Pakistan. It is the capital of Gujrat District and it is the 20th largest city of Pakistan by population. Along with the nearby cities of Sialkot and Gujranwala, Gujrat forms part of the Golden Triangle of industrial cities with export-oriented economies. It is an ancient district located in between two famous rivers, the Jhelum and Chenab. Because of its proximity to the rivers, the land is good for cultivation with rice and sugar cane as main crops. It is bounded on the northeast by Mirpur, on the northwest by the River Jhelum which separates it from Jhelum District, on the east and southeast by the Chenab River, separating it from the districts of Gujranwala and Sialkot, and on the West by Mandi Bahauddin. District Gujrat is spread over an area of 3,192 square kilometres and is divided into three tehsils, Gujrat, Kharian, and Sarai Alamgir. There are many historic villages and towns in the district such as Chakdina, Kunjah, Dinga.


Gujrat is an ancient city of Pakistan located between two famous rivers, the Jhelum River and Chenab River. It is bounded to the northeast by Jammu and Kashmir; to the northwest by the Jhelum River; to the east and southeast by the Chenab River, separating it from the districts of Gujranwala and Sialkot; and to the west by Mandi Bahauddin District. Gujrat consists of three tehsils: Sarai Alamgir, Kharian and Gujrat.


Gujrat has a moderately warm climate in summer and chilly in winters. During the peak of summer, the daytime temperature shoots up to 45 °C (113 °F). During the winter, the minimum temperature may fall below 2 °C (36 °F). The average rainfall at Gujrat is 67 centimetres (26 in).

Cultural aspects of Gujrat

Gujrat produces low-temperature pottery and ceramic goods, hukkas, or water pipe, artistic handicrafts, flower pots, changairian (made from the leaves of palm and date trees), cotton mates and woolen shawls. Sohni Mahiwal is a famous folk tale of the Punjab region. The heroine of the story, named “Sohni” (a Punjabi word meaning “beautiful”), came from the Gujrat region. She used to meet her lover, Mahinwal, by crossing the Chenab river, sitting on a pitcher. The tale is still told to this day and is an essential part of Punjabi culture.

The anniversary of Kanwan-Wali Sarkar near Karuan Wala Gujrat is celebrated with a fair in August every year. He is known as one of the greatest saints that ever lived. A famous miracle was when water in a well-turned to milk for a time. The well is still there. Some locals attach significance to the fact that it often rains heavily around the time of the fair (monsoon). “Wengi Wali Sarkar” anniversary in 5 January every year at village Haji Wala near Karianwala Tehsil and District Gujrat.[clarification needed] The shrine of Hazrat Shahdola (a famous saint in Punjab) is in Gujrat near Shahdola Choki. the anniversary of Hazrat Shahdola Searcher is celebrated in June every year.

Educational Institutes in Gujrat

Some of the notable educational institutes of Gujrat include:

  • University of Gujrat
  • Nawaz Sharif Medical College
  • University of Lahore
  • University of Central Punjab
  • Punjab College of Science, Gujrat Campus
  • The Superior College, Gujrat Campus
  • Pakistan International Public School, Gujrat Campus
  • Beaconhouse School System
  • The Educators
  • Lahore Grammar School
  • Dar-e-Arqam Schools
  • Fauji Foundation Model School & College, Gujrat
  • Govt Swedish Pakistani college of technology Gujrat
  • Govt zamindar post-graduate college bhimber road gujrat

Must Visit Things in Gujrat

Darbar Mohri Sharif

Darbar Mohri Sharif - Gujrat
Darbar Mohri Sharif

Four Main Gates of Old Gujrat

Gujrat city was constructed in the form of a fort and it had four gates to enter in the city of Gujrat. It was called the main Gujrat and nowadays it is in the centre of Gujrat.

Main Gates of Gujrat are:

  1. Shah Daula Gate (Shahdaula Darwaza) in East side of Gujrat
  2. Dhakki Gate (Dhaki Darwaza) in Westside of Gujrat
  3. Sheeshiyan Wala Gate (Shishianwala Darwaza) in Northside of Gujrat
  4. Shah Faisal Gate (Shah Faisal Darwaza) in Southside of Gujrat

These doors/ gates of Gujrat were kept closed at night and at the time of any enemy attack. Above mentioned all four gates are still present but in very miserable condition. The government of Pakistan and the Archeological Department of Punjab Government should take some serious steps to preserve these historical gates in their original shape and design. It is also said that there were also four small gates of Gujrat.

Gujrat Fort

Gujrat fort was constructed by Mughal Emperor Jalal ul Din Muhammad Akbar in 1596~97. It is the symbol of Mughal Architecture in Gujrat. It is present in the center of Gujrat City. It was built on a heap to make it prominent and secure.

Akbar Fort Gujrat Pakistan 1 - Gujrat
Akbar Fort, Gujrat, Pakistan

Baouli Well

This old Hindu temple is located in village Beowali, Gujrat, Pakistan. The piece of Art in very poor condition and turning into ashes. If you know more of its history or have more pictures please share with him.

Baouli Well - Gujrat
Baouli Well, Gujrat, Pakistan

Akbari Hammam (Akbar’s Bath)

Royal Hakeems (Doctors) of Akbar suggested the treatment of a disease of Akbar’s wife in a special type of Bath Room. So this special type of Bath Room was built in Gujrat near Gujrat Fort for the Treatment of Akbar’s Wife. Many people still takes bath in this Akbari Hammam to get rid of their many diseases.

Akbari Hammam - Gujrat
Akbari Hammam

Shrine of Shah Daulah

Legends of the Shrine Shah Daulah was born in the second half of the 16th century (Christian calendar), and he lived for some time at Sialkot. Then he settled at Gujrat and is credited with various buildings, charitable work, teaching and counselling. Shah Daulah is said to have cared for wild creatures. One report had him placing “helmets, or head coverings … on his favourite animals”. Sometimes women seeking a cure for infertility would come to Gujrat, hoping that the holy man would pray for them. After such prayers, some of these women were believed to produce chuas. In one version of the legend, the first child born after the holy man’s prayer was a Chua. Later, more chuas were conceived, because other women saw one of the chuhas who was already there. Another version held that Shah Daulah’s prayers led to the first child being a chua, and by custom these were left at the shrine after they were weaned. Otherwise, people wanting a child would promise an offering, or dedicate the first-born to the shrine. If they failed to keep their promise, either the first-born would somehow be transformed at birth into a chua, or later children would all be chuas, until the parents paid. In a third version, all the first-born were chuas.

Shrine of Shah Daulah - Gujrat
Shrine of Shah Daulah

Zamindar College Gujrat

Zamindar College Gujrat Pakistan - Gujrat
Zamindar College, Gujrat, Pakistan

Ram Pyari Mahal

Ram Pyari Mahal Gujrat Pakistan - Gujrat
Ram Pyari Mahal, Gujrat, Pakistan

Alexandra Bridge

Gujratss Alexandria bridge spans the Chenab River and was built during the British era. - Gujrat
Gujrats’s Alexandria bridge spans the Chenab River and was built during the British era.

University of Gujrat

University of Gujrat Gujrat Pakistan - Gujrat
University of Gujrat, Gujrat, Pakistan

Sir Fazal Ali Model School and Girls College Gujrat

Sir Fazal Ali Model School and Girls College Gujrat - Gujrat
Sir Fazal Ali Model School and Girls College Gujrat

A Mughal Bara Dari in Gujrat

A Mughal Bara Dari in Gujrat - Gujrat
A Mughal Bara Dari in Gujrat

Railway Station Gujrat

Railway Station Gujrat - Gujrat
Railway Station Gujrat

Saroke Canal

Saroke Canal Bridge - Gujrat
Saroke Canal, Gujrat

Shah doula Chowk

Shah doula Chowk is located at Shah doula Chowk. This is an old and historical place of the city which has two main entrances one goes towards Bazar and one to Shahdula Darbar.

Shadula Chowk - Gujrat
Shah Doula Chowk, Gujrat, Pakistan

Kharian Cantt. or Kharian Cantonment

Kharian Cantt. or Kharian Cantonment is one of the largest cantonments (Army Base) of Pakistan. It is located near Kharian city in the Gujrat district of Punjab province of Pakistan.

Kharian Cantt. or Kharian Cantonment  - Gujrat
Kharian Cantt. or Kharian Cantonment

Eid Gah Mosque

Eid Gah Mosque is located at GT Road. This mosque is the oldest mosque of the city Gujrat . There is an association between Eid Gah Mosque and Mugal King.

Eid Gah Mosque - Gujrat
Eid Gah Mosque, Gujrat
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