Ranikot Fort - Ranikot Fort

Evidently, the largest fort in the world, Rani Kot is an enigma because of the unavailability of its record in history and its conceivable purpose in the wilderness of the forts massive 10 meter high walls of dressed sandstone are 29 km around. Seen from a distance, portions of its ramparts resemble the Great Wall of China, as they dip and turn to the contours of the hills. The terrain inside the Fort is partly cultivated and green with vegetation, being watered by the nearby Rani River that runs through the fort and a perennial spring within it. Water from both sources has formed pools, teeming with fish. Close to the Fort, fossils of a petrified forest can be found. The fort lies roughly 90 km north of Hyderabad. The route is through Kotri and the town of Sann, from where the remaining 21 km distance is a sandy track across rugged scrubland, best covered by jeep or on camelback, Camels can be hired from Sann.

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