Rohri - Rohri

This old town is on the other side of the Indus apposite Sukkur. The ancient city of Aror is few kilometers to the east. Its ruins lay on the edges of a low limestone range. Of its historic past, not much remains. Places to visit at Rohri are the shrine of War Mubarak (1545) built by Mir Muhammad Kalhora. A gold and jewel encrusted casket enshrines the hair of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). It is displayed to the faithful for general viewing annually on the 2nd of March. On the outskirts of Rohri, is the SATYOON-JO-ASTAN, the tomb of the Seven Virgin Sisters. One legend has it, that the sisters in securing their chastity, were swallowed up by the earth in a minor earthquake. Close to the War Mubarak, is the Jamia (Akbari) Mosque *1584), built by an officer of Emperor Akbar. Having been frequently damaged and undergone repeated repairs, little of the original wall-tiles remain.

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