SaidpurVillageIslamabadPakistan - Saidpur Village, Islamabad

Saidpur, a little quaint village, famous for its pottery, is part of Islamabad today. It is located off Hill Road to the east of Daman-e-Koh. Saidpur was founded by Sultan Said Khan, son of Sultan Sarang Khan. He gave his daughter in marriage to Mughal Prince Saleem who later became Emperor Jahangir. Saidpur was a garden resort and a perpetual spring that provided water for drinking and for watering gardens and attractive destination, where cultural exhibitions and restaurants provided a great ambiance among the hills during the Mughal period. It has recently been renovated into an attractive tourist destination, where exhibits and restaurants provide a great view among the hills.

SaidpurVillageIslamabadPakistan - Saidpur Village, Islamabad
Saidpur Village – A hidden historical village in Islamabad

Saidpur village is a Mughal era village and located near the Margalla Hills road and the east of Daman e Koh in Islamabad. The Village has the footprints of various civilizations, including Gandhara, Greek, Buddist, Mughal, Ashoka, and the colonial periods, and now serving as a popular recreational spot for both local and Foreign Visitors and Tourists. Said pur village named derived from sultan said khan, Son of sultan Sarang khan. Said khan gifted Saidpur village to his daughter who was married to Mughal emperor Jahangir son of Mughal Emperor AKBAR. During the Mughal Period Saidpur Village was considered a garden resort, des pardes saidpur village and a perpetual spring provided water for drinking and for watering.

saidpur - Saidpur Village, Islamabad
Saidpur Template – another view

During the Mughal era, Sultan Sarang Khan was the chief of the Pothohar region. They named the village after his son, Sultan Said Khan. Later, the village was gifted to the daughter of Said Khan who was married to Mughal emperor Jahangir. At that time, the said pur village has also been used as a garden resort. After that, A Hindu commander Raja Man Singh constructed a number of ponds, now the village is also home to many Hindu temples that have been preserved. Des Pardes Saidpur village is the most best and amazing restaurant in Said Pur.


Saidpur Village is home to a small 16th-century temple called “Rama Mandir” or “Ram Kund Temple”, dedicated to Hindu God Rama who Hindus believe lived in the area with his family during 14 years of their exile. According to official records dating back to 1893, a fair was held each year at a pond near the site called “Ram Kund” to commemorate that Ram and his family had once sipped water from it. For centuries, Hindus have traveled far and wide to worship at the temple, staying in an adjoining dharamshala (rest house for pilgrims). However, all the idols have now been removed.

Saidpur Village Temple - Saidpur Village, Islamabad
Saidpur Village Temple

Saidpur Village is the most attractive and best place to visit in Islamabad. You should visit this village during travelling in Islamabad.


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