Sukkur Bridge - Sukkur

This is one of the most important towns in upper Sindh. More than 2,000 years ago, the town was at Aror, nine km east of the present site. It was relocated in 962 A.D. when owning to an earthquake; the Indus diverted its course to its present channel. By 13th century, the twin cities of Sukkur and Rohri were busting river ports that reached their zenith in 17th century.

Worth visiting here is the Minaret of Masum Shah. Mir Muhammad Masum built this lighthouse shaped brick minaret, a local soldiers appointed Nawab of Sukkur by the Mughal Emperor, Akbar the Great. The tower is slightly tilted and is 25.5 m in height and 25.5 m in circumference (at its base) with an equivalent number of steps leading up to its top. Masum Shah, along with other family members, is buried in the pavilion near the minaret. Nearby is the Faiz Mahai, an octagonal brick dome structure with arched windows and stone-carved balconies. Another tomb of interest is that of Shah Khair-ur-Din Jilani, a saint and religious scholar.

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